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Useful plugins guide

This guide consists of useful plugins for KZ server owners.


All these plugins are third-party and are without warranty from us.


If you are having trouble with a plugin, try the #support channel in our Discord server.
Be sure to mention which step you are having trouble with and include as much information as possible, including the error logs from csgo/addons/sourcemod/logs/errors_********.log.

MapCrashFixer by Bot Benson
Mostly fixes the issue where players experience their game crashing on map changes


GOKZ Scoreboard Timer by RutoGOKZ onlyIn KZTimer
Shows time in kills, checkpoints in assists, and teleports in deaths column in the scoreboard
MovementHUD by Sikari
A versatile SourceMod plugin providing customizable displays for player movement
ShowPos by zer0k_z
Shows origin, angles and velocity in hint text along with options for customization


Distbug by GameChaos
Gives you more details on your jumpstats as well as stats on failed jumps
GlobalPB by SzwagiIn GOKZ
Lets players see their global personal best
More Stats by Szwagi, zer0k_z
Displays statistics about your bhops


CSGO Particle Auto Precacher by Copypaste Slim, zer0k_zIn KZTimer
Allows players to see custom particles on certain maps like bkz_apricity_v2 and others
GCMeasure by GameChaosIn GOKZ
Enables players to measure distances between gaps as well as height differences
GOKZ Discord by zer0k_zGOKZ only
Posts GOKZ server records to a Discord channel using webhooks
KZTierMapchooser by Kidev
A mapchooser that displays tiers next to maps in map votes
LJ Room Teleport by Evan
Allows your players to teleport directly to the longjump room
No More Sounds by Szwagi
Allows players to mute map music, gunshot sounds, footsteps and volume of checkpoint/teleport
Player Model Changer by GameChaos
Allows you to use different player models
Ruto Recorder by RutoKZTimer only
Allows you to save GOKZ server record replays on your KZTimer server
Zone Stopwatch by GameChaos
Lets players create zones to check how fast different routes are